Monday, July 20, 2009

Manchester United Euphoria - Harry Potter - Missing Flight

I've just back from Kuala Lumpur. What did I do there? Watching my most favorite football team ever, Manchester United, LIVE from Bukit Jalil! Can you feel what I was feeling? GREAT! Yeah, it had been my dream since I was 12.

I was leaving on Friday morning, July 17th by Durian Burung Bus. My boyfriend brought me to Changloon, because the nearest station to go to Hentian Kajang is from Changloon. Yeah, I would stay at my friend's house, at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Kajang. And when we reached Changloon, we saw the bus (I actually didn't know what the destination of that bus was) and we turned back our car. When we almost reached the bus, suddenly the bus went. How panic I was! So was my boyfriend! The bus was supposed to go at 9.00 am and that was still 8.40 am!

We tried to overtake the bus and I tried to call the bus center at Alor Star. And the officer said that the bus that would go to Kajang had not come yet. Oh, relieved! We went back to Changloon again and we waited there. And yeah, the bus came!

And, careless me did something stupid! What's that? Okay, that was Friday so I thought that every Muslim man would do Jumaa't prayer. So when the bus stopped at a Hentian (I really didn't have any clue where that was!), I just sat alone like stupid person the waited. But I didn't know what brought me to the bus park, I walked there and once again I saw the bus left! Left me! Oh God! Double panic! My bag was in the bus. With no thinking I found a man with his family just stopped at that Hentian. I asked him to overtake the bus! I didn't even know him! But they helped me, Alhamdulillah! And the bus was not too far from us so it still could be overtaken. Allah blesses you always, kind family :)

Fortunately the bus driver was not upset (or should be me who was upset? I was not sure). And when I reached Kajang, my room mate, who supposed to accompany me watching that match, but had not left yet because of some events, canceled to go there. Oh crap, I was so angry. I already ordered two tickets from! But I could not do anything anymore. So I asked my friend in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia to accompany me.

And here I went! Waw that was so great! I watched my idols LIVE! I was compassionate and I cried! How over! But that's true, I was TOO exited to see my idols playing the match. I met friends from forum Manchester United lover it that was so fun when we mocked at other club's fans who dared to wear their favorite teams' jersey to that match.

We've got the ticket yayy!

Go to hell, BASI-lona


MU Supporters

The final score was 3-2. I was so salute to Malaysia National team, they were so great! And waw Michael Owen, the new number seven of Manchester United, scored one goal in the last minutes!

New obsession : Michael Owen

But the saddest point was that I didn't have any opportunity to take picture(s) with them :'(

After seeing match, we went to Pavilion, to watch Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince. We would see a midnight show. But we got the seat that was in the lowest place. Oh God, that made me sleepy. In the middle of the movie. I slept. Ahaa!

We reached Kajang at 4.30 am. My flight to Alor Star was at 07.00! Wew but I was sooo sleepy so I slept for an hour. At 5.50 I woke up and didn't take a bath ;p
We left from Kajang at 06.20! So 'early', Nadra! And the continuity could be guessed, the flight had already taken off! Smarty you, Nadra! I directly called my boyfriend who supposed to pick me at Alor Star Airport. Poor him, he should be very sleepy wake up at that time!

Finally I decided to go home by Monday morning. I skipped three classes on Sunday! SO SAD :'(

Moral message : Don't follow my stupidity!



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