Saturday, February 07, 2009

25 Random Facts about Me ;)

1. My given name is Kanya Nadra Andhina, but in cyber world I use Nadra Asjoedjir as my name. Nadra is my nickname and Asjoedjir is my family name. I am 19 years old, my body is slender, and I am not tall. Not mature yet :(

2. I have so many nicknames. Nadra from my close friends, Uni from my family (I am pure Minangkabau and I am the oldest daughter in my family), Rabbit from my mom (because I am naughty like rabbit(?), Cina Nyasar (because my face looks like Chinese), Kanya from people who just know me, Nut from my best friend (because nut is read as nad and my face got so many pimples then they made an analogy that nut = pimple), and Once from my ex-room mate, Sarah (because I am Oon a.k.a stupid).

3. I like doing online. I can stand sitting in front of a laptop/computer as long as there is internet connection in that laptop/computer. Actually, I consider it as bad habit. A day without internet means nightmare for me. Hahaha.. I don't pay attention to anything around me when I am doing online. I become bad mood if someone disturbs me when I am doing online. :P

4. I really love MANCHESTER UNITED. I don't have reason for this and I was thinking that maybe God created me to this world to fall in love with this club. And I have a dream (and I hope it will be coming true), someday I will go to Theater of Dream, Old Trafford, a cozy home of Manchester United. Glory glory Manchester United, United for life!

5. I am very clumsy. Although in a rush time, I still can't make my movement faster * sigh *

6. I am stubborn, intractable, or whatever you call this. I can keep my thought and opinion as well, but sometimes I can be influenced by other people. Or in the other word, I am wishy washy.

7. My favorite number is 7. Also don't have any reason why I love this number. My handphone numbers ended by 7, my matric number also ended by 7 :P

8. I love English. I am quite good in grammar, half good in speaking, BUT I am not good in listening and really poor in vocabulary. I have to read dictionary routinely -_-"

9. I tried smoking just once in my life. And I don't know why I didn't find any addiction like most people did.

10. I've been in love so many times but I am easily got bored (maybe I've not found 'that guy' yet).

11. I like paying attention to a guys wearing Polo Shirt with t-shirt inside it. I think that's cool.

12. My favorite foot wearing are flat shoes and sneakers. It used to be high heels but I don't know why now high heels is one of foot wearing that I avoid :P

13. Although I hate Chelsea FC, I ever fell in love with John Terry! Hahahahahaha .. Strange? Yeah. Objectively he is a sexy man with good sex appeal. And the reason why now I don't like him anymore is that he became the loser because of his failure to do crucial penalty kick (that actually almost brought Chelsea became the Champion of Europe for the first time) in final match of UEFA Champions League vs Manchester United (hahahahahaha, glory MU).

14. I really really hate the music called dangdut. Well don't think that I don't love my country's music but really, my ears can't accept dangdut. :(

15. I don't like vegetables. I find hard to eat it. I try to love it but when I eat it, I feel like wanting to throw out.

16. Before planning to study abroad to Malaysia, I wanted to study at ITB, in Sekolah Bisnis Manajemen and I successfully got that course after doing USM test. But unfortunately, my dad didn't agree. Then, because my dad wanted me to study in Malaysia, university that I really wanted to become my place to study is Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. And once again my dad didn't agree. And destiny brought me to Universiti Utara Malaysia. Ever planned to move to UKM but I changed my mind. Now I can adapt with this campus life although the location is in the jungle. Haha ..

17. I am an extremely heavy sleeper.

18. I have a thing for oriental-looking guys. I like seeing Japanese, Chinese guys. But sometimes, I also like Indonesian or Malaysian guys :P

19. I wanna go to China once again but not in winter. I wanna feel China in spring. Oh yeah, Japan also ;)

20. I think Japanese is easier than German.

21. I love beach, and I wanna travel all the beach in the world. Yeahs!

22. Love to wear a big size shirt. It's cool and sexy I think haha.

23. I am really open-minded, but I can close my mind in certain time.

24. I love both Indonesia and Malaysia, whatever happens.

25. I like to listen to oldies band like The Beatles, Beegees, Queen Scorpions, and Guns n Roses

* sorry, already sleepy last night, maybe there are some grammar errors :P


.......... said...

mirip ya..sama blog richard bule ngehe

nadra asjoedjir said...


naz said...

nama glamour tul :)
and sory i chelsea :)

nadra asjoedjir said...

haha ye ke name i glamour? thx ;)

::ObSessiOn For a FaNtasy:: said...

btw,,hate chelsea!!!!!!!uurgghh~!

nadra asjoedjir said...

hehehe. peace. no offense ;)

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