Tuesday, October 04, 2011

น่าตื่นเต้น หาดใหญ่ Hectic Hat Yai

So then my shopaholic mom whined to me that she really wanted to go to Hat Yai. Since today is Tuesday, I said to her that no night market at Per Thai. So she would not find any cheap dress or shoes or accessories. But since she pushed me that way, I complied what she wanted by perforce. OH-KAY!

First we went to border of Malaysia - Thailand. After finishing immigration stuff, we found a travel to go to Hat Yai at a place called Dannok. Then we got involved with forty-five-minutes trip to Hat Yai by travel. We stopped at Lee Garden Plaza, the biggest shopping mall at Hat Yai. To tell you what, I prefer going to Songkhla Beach rather than shopping!!!!!!!!

There, my mom as usual, bored me with her shopping plus bargaining activities.
You know, mall is much more expensive than market rite? So she could not satisfy her passion to shop due to the expensive stuffs.
Then she confessed her regret to visit Hat Yai on Tuesday. Tell me about it!

After being disappointed that she could not find something interesting, we went back to Dannok and then hotel after immigration. But then my mom continues her shopping time there. ALAMAKKK!

Then I felt like my feet were stiff again and again.

Here are some photos.


With Momski in front of Lee Garden

Momski in front of Lee Garden

Inside Tuk Tuk

Around Hat Yai

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