Sunday, March 14, 2010

Footprint at Universiti Putra Malaysia

Just home from Universiti Putra Malaysia. Thanks for nice welcoming, friends from UPM :)
Here are the documentations. I am too happy to write *oh is it a nice reason, Nadra?*

Studio *envy, in UUM there's not this kinda facility!*

Ossa is busy with her 'new toy' hahaha

Me and friends in front of Putra FM

Inside the radio studio

Inside the studio. Nyak, aye masuk tv nyak!

At FINAS, and I was taking picture with that film poster

Malam bersama bintang!

I like this photo!

Complete formation!

With Ben, singing My heart hahaha

My group member

Aiman, for the God's sake, he is funny!

With Encik Mot

Gaya gue sok asik!

We just had one hour to shop, but see the result!

Poor us, never see Starbucks lol

Thanks for your time, once again, UPM's students :)
What a nice experience! And you know what? I made a friend with an athlete from Malaysia. She is Leong Mun Yee, diving athlete. I heart her because she is so beautiful!

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