Monday, November 16, 2009

The day has come!

In this post I want to say something to two special persons for me. Here they are ~

1). Bagus Ahimsa Harun boyfriend

Happy belated birthday Ai :) In this opportunity I wish you the best. Yes, actually I do pray all the best for you. Always. My message :

  • don't look at KEMBAR's room anymore! Grrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  • don't smoke too freqently. I know it's so hard but you can start from doing it less.
  • control your emotion, darlaaaa :)

I don't know what to say anymore. I'm so speechless. I'm not really good in making sentences for you here. Better I say to you directly lol ;3

And like I always say everyday : I ♥ U! 

2). Putriana Perwitasariroom mate

Happy belated birthday, too Ut :) Sorry lately I am not there with you all. I just wanna reach my own happiness. I know my way is not that true but yeah, maybe someday you will feel the same. Hahaha forget it. Enjoy your 19th chapter okay? Next year is 20th. Adult rules. My message :

  • be more mature yaa
  • don't do online 24/7.

And yeah overall for the surprise, because of bad preparation I didn't give both of you any surprise. So I just give a box of Fairy Cake. Secret Recipe? Hahahaha I prefer Fairy!

Documentation? Not yet, just wait okay?


naz said...

nama girl tu awsome haha

kanya nadra said...

hahahaha yeah :)
macam komersil yee?

Anonymous said...

wah baru baca. thanks lagi walaupun telat banget hahaha.
reach it, ga usah pikirin omongan orang lah. yang mau happy kan kakak ;D

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