Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Holiday V

Hello folks! What's up?
This week mmmpph I think just another boring days. Hell ya!
Days by days I just do the same old activities. Twittering, Plurking, Facebooking, MySpacing, blogging, browsing and watching sport games.

But there are some activities that kinda fun, too. What? Of course hanging out with friends. As you see at this post, I went around Palembang, my hometown in the night. On Saturday I also watched Bolt. I tell you, cinemas in Palembang are totally suck in updating movies. Bolt, I already watched it a couple months ago! But in Palembang it's still new! WTH?! But it's okay, the most important thing is having fun!

Good news, folks! I'll be going to Singapore two weeks from this date! Yayyyyy! I got a very cheap tickets to Kuala Lumpur on June 24th, because of that my mom persuaded me to go to Singapore with her and my sister. Because I also wanna meet my room mate, Uut at Kuala Lumpur and decide not to go back to campus directly. So I also persuade Uut to join our trip to Singapore! How glad! Oh God, I wish it were already two weeks ;p

Oh yeah, I was browsing and guess what? I found old scanned comic named IMADOKI! It was my favorite comic hmmm maybe 7 years ago. Waw, you can imagine how I miss the story of that comic! So I download that comic. Nostalgic moment :)

Imadoki! (イマドキ!)

And this week crap happens. I get my period and I don't know why but I feel the biggest pain when I get it! I've never felt such a pain before. Huhuhuhu poor me!

By the way, this evening I was looking for new handphone. For my another SIM Card. The I found Nokia 1650. Simple but lovely. I loike it! After bargaining, we had a deal and I bought it only Rp 375,000! Waw! Great price!

Nokia 1650

I also was asked by my mom to buy her a magazine. Wedding magazine. But poor mommy, I didn't find anywhere. So I just bought Cosmo Girl (yeah, I asked my mommy to buy me that magazine too ;p). Nah, when I went to the last magazine stall *still hoping that the Wedding magazine would be found*, I saw an ELLE magazine. I saw the bonus, it's a cover for passport. So glamorous! I wanna buy that magazine (it's thick and costs only Rp 37,000) but I have to economize! Huhuhuhu. Maybe later I'll buy that magazine! ;p

And then finally. Currently I'm craving blazer! I like to see any fashion or magazine with blazer in those. So when I go to Singapore two weeks later, I will hunt for blazer! Cannot be patient more! x)

I really love her way to wear the blazer!
source :

That's all. Bye folks!

P/S : I was not so sure with my English when I wrote this. Sudden post and it's late at night! Haha ;p
Sorry for some mistakes!

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