Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Stranger by The Day

I’ve finished my photography class X(

So on Sunday and Wednesday I just have one class, German I class! Yeahs!

Today I had so many free time. Woooo - hoooo!

After going home I directly go to bed and sleep. No one was in my room. Yugi had a class, Uut met her boyfriend. So free!

But at 3.30 PM, someone knocked my door. Rino, my senior. He wanted to burn his CD, for photography assignment that he had not submitted yet. After he went home, I intentionally planned to continue my sleep but that plan had been canceled as my handphone rang. Uut asked me to go to Petronas Cafe then accompanied her eating lunch. Since I was also hungry, I said OK. I asked her to wait for me as I changed my clothes. After that I would meet her in Arabic Cafe, not far from my room.

After arriving at Arabic Cafe, I saw Uut was not with her boyfriend, but with Mas Don, Ph.D student. Then when we already wanted to leave, Mas Don asked us to eat outside UUM Campus. We, with pleasure, directly said YES! Hahahahahaha…

We ate at Jagoh (waw, Mas Don also always eat there, haha ..). We talked so many things. Mas Don is a great person I think! He advised me everything. He makes me relieved, at least, he gave me advices. Salute!

As we wanted to go home, many Immigration officers came to that restaurant. They asked my identity card. I gave my Immigration card my passport. Evidently, they made a razia of foreign citizen that enter Malaysia illegally. And, people at Jagoh all are Thailand citizens and they had to go back to their town. Poor them.

We went home and we were the lastest costumer who came to Jagoh :(

Bye bye Jagoh, we will miss you. X’(

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