Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I Really Don't Have Any Idea How To Comment on These!

After a big struggle, finally I finished my Statistic for Social Science assignment! I'd like to say thank you for my group members : Sharmini and Edy, and Allen who taught us that-damned-SPPS.

Now I still have an assignment to go, making news. Actually, I already interviewed the source (which is my own roommate) and wrote the news, but I haven't made the interview recording yet. And Encik Mot Madon, my journalistic's lecturer asked every student in the class to make the interview recording (to avoid fake news)

Yeah, and the due date is tomorrow. Well that's okay. If I don't make the recording I can submit it forcedly. ;P

By the way, my German class also already finished. The last class, I did an oral test. I hit 2 of 3 questions. Huahhhhh the last question was not that hard but I didn't know how to say in German! Arrggghhhhh. And the story goes, here are those questions :
1). Wie alt bist du? (How old are you?)
And I answered : Ich bin .... mmmm... mmmmm.. neunzehn jahre aalt. (I am .... mmmm ... mmmmm... nineteen years old.)
2). Haben Sie Bruder? Wie viele haben Sie? (Do you have brother? How many do you have?)
I answered : Ja, ich habe. Ich habe zwei Brüder (Yes, I have. I have two brothers).
3). (......) über Ihre Vater (..... about your father)

Hahahahahahaha I didn't have any idea how to answer that question. * sigh

I said 'Pass, pass' and I tought there were still so many questions to go but my Frau said 'OK, das ist alles. Danke.' (that means 'OK, that's all. Thank you.') and she asked me to call my other friends. Waw what a short oral test! Hahaha.

Well by the way, my brother is accepted by two great universities in Indonesia, Universitas Indonesia and Institut Teknologi Bandung. I don't know what to say beside 'CONGRATULATION, BROTHER! I'M PROUD OF YOU! Woooo~hoooo!

And congrats to Evan, my cousin that also is accepted by Institut Teknologi Bandung. Great! Berkumpulah kalian di Bandung!

Okay that's all of my story today. Smell ya on other time ;)

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