Monday, January 23, 2017

Lesson learned from Memorable Guest.

Again, you have been forgotten for almost two years, blog. Really, really sorry! Maybe later, yeah later once I have more time to update you frequently.

Actually I am back here for a story that is memorable between me and one of my guests, Dr. Gerald Groves. He is a senior citizen from USA. I don't know but I feel touched with his personality. Unfortunately, I do not have his picture with me or his picture himself.

So the story goes, he stayed in Bandung for 2 nights only. When he arrived, there should be someone who picked him up at Bandung Station, but unfortunately he didn't meet someone who supposed to bring him here. He is quite upset (of course! If it happens to me, I will feel the same). And surprisingly, he told me that politely. He is mad, but he still knew how to tell about it properly. In my mind that time, I already thought about what I have to give as a recovery service. Yes, free drop wherever he wanted.

Several times, he reached my counter asking some recommendation of dinner, places of interest and one thing I have no idea that he also asked about private course to learn to sew silk. He actually had some searching before asking me but those places' contact number were unreachable. Then fortunately I found one. He was so happy.

Night before his departure from Bandung, he again reached my counter, settling some additional things he used here. In the meantime preparing his bills, I asked him how his day was, how his trip in Bandung, etc. Then, suddenly there was a lady also reached my counter. I was the only staff that time. This lady was holding his baby and seemed rush. This was where my memorable conversation with Dr. Gerald started.

Dr. Gerald : "You help her first, please. Don't worry about my bill. I can wait."
Kanya : "Alright Doctor. Wait for a moment."
After helping the lady.
K : "Doctor you are so kind."
He was just smiling.
D : "I have been there like the lady back in the past. I know exactly what the lady feels. Then I remember my son."
D : "It is very nice to be back here, after 10 years. This place may have have been renovated. But it is still homey. Today I saw everybody here gathering with family. And your pool is the attractive one for kids. So happy I saw so many happy faces today."
D : "Oh ya, don't forget that tomorrow morning I will be having a drop to Bandung Airport. Please put it on my bill now."
K : "It's okay Doctor, we are still owing you one drop as the compensation we did not pick you up during your arrival to Bandung. So tomorrow's airport transfer for you will be a complimentary drop."
D : "That's very kind. I appreciate it."

Once the bills all settled.
D : "Okay, is this all? Thank you very much."
K : "We are very glad to have you here Doctor. Please visit us soon. See you again."
D : "See you again. Good night,"


Dr. Gerald Groves is a prove that you'll never too old for doing simple kindness. I hope you're always given a perfect health, Doctor.

Illustration : Pool's crowd during weekend
Credit to Gilang Nalendra

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