Sunday, October 03, 2010

til hamingju með afmælið *

* happy birthday (Icelandic)

Yes today is my 21st birthday.
What so special?
No birthday blast, no present.
Hahaha but no, I do not say it is not special.
I really enjoy my birthday today.
There was a little surprise from my friends Rindy, Ossa and Wulan.
They brought me a slice of tiramisu.
I do not measure it from its size, no. But I was affected.
Because my friends is still caring about me. And I appriciate it.
Here is some picts :

Hmmmm beside the surprise from my friends, I also had another one, which I really like most. Yes, from him.
At 12 o'clock exactly, we were watching The Fourth Kind on the laptop and suddenly he paused the film, shook my hand and said 'Happy Birthday' the hugged me. Very tight, and.. kissed me. I was very very surprised and nothing can describe how happy I was until I cried. Then he was confused. I love you Cokii.. I really really do.

My wish this year :
be able to cook
be able to sew
finish study
finish thesis
get closer to him :)


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