Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A-Really-Sucks Day

Today, when I woke up, something made me shocked! I turned on the laptop and I saw the LCD of my laptop is broken! :'(
What is worse than this? Wew!
It was my fault, it was my carelessness :s
I put it on the floor, not on the desk! Now I'm so dizzy how to tell my dad what happened was. And now I borrow my boyfriend's laptop while he is using his PC.


Then there is one more thing that makes me so upset. I brought pempek here about more than a week ago, I kept it in my boyfriend's refrigerator. I thought, if we just keep it freeze, it won't be spoilt. And today, yes, it is spoilt and bad smelly! Yucks!

I don't put the picture of this pempek because it will be a disturbing picture!

And all of those miseries are completed by my stomachache. Two causes of my stomachache : my period and my illness. Crap. What a 'good' day!

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