Thursday, June 11, 2009

Record Ronaldo Bid Accepted

This evening I've got a very shocking news related to my favorite team, Manchester United. The superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, has been sold to Real Madrid. Manchester United will release Ronaldo if Real Madrid pays £80million! And Real Madrid does that! Wew, kewl.
Real Madrid also had bought Kaka last week, with £65million. Four most expensive players are bought by Real Madrid. Really crazy!

The first one is Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United - Madrid), as I mentioned. Second is Zinedine Zidane (Juventus - Real Madrid). Third Ricardo Kaka (AC Milan - Real Madrid), fourth Luis Figo (Barcelona - Real Madrid).

Okay, bye Cristiano Ronaldo, no more CR7! Hahaha, I tell y'all, CR will not get that number, because that's absulotely Raul's, the Prince of Madrid. Same case with David Beckham, and David Beckham chose number 23 that time.

No more comments, I am really speechless and shocked now! I'm just hoping that Manchester United will find the replacement soon! Hahahaha. I'M STILL RED HEATHEN 'TILL DIE!

Oh yeah, there are some comments from my friends :

- Resty : RED HEATHEN SIST!!!!! no one is bigger than club itself!!!!

- Alvi (my brother) : What?! Really? You got that news from where? Crap!
FYI he doesn't know the update because he's doing bridging at ITB now.

- Dika : Hahaha no worry Nad, we'll have FR7 soon. (FR = Franck Ribery)

- Rama : Waw because Ronaldo is gone, I don't hate Manchester United anymore! ;p

- Indra : Move to Madrid! Woohoooo!
FYI he really likes Madrid

- Aldi : So greedy you Madrid!
FYI Aldi the AC Milan lover hates Madrid because the transfer of Ricardo Kaka


nad said...

i dun really care bout CR7 goin to madrid. it has always been his dream to go there rite? so jz let him go la. afterall, Man Utd is not all about havin CR7 in the team. we have other great players too. with o without CR7, the devil will alwys shine =)) IMMA PROUD RED DEVIL FAN, FOREVER AND EVER WILL BE!
btw, uve been tagged dear. check out my blog =))

nadra asjoedjir said...

hahahaha yeah u're right. the time beckham was gone i was also upset but then, i dont care anymore because MU still shines forever! red devil forever! yeah! okok darlaa :)

Anonymous said...

cant la FR7. 100 million kot price. lagi gila.

im shocked too. ngak tau ape2 berita sampai ade cowok bandung bilang sama gw. haha

nadra asjoedjir said...

ada yang cakap MU nak beli TORRES! haha bukan harga yg buat gue shocked, tp SAF adalah orang yg anti membeli/menjual pemain dr/ke liverpool! harga yg MU offer untuk beli Torres adalah £40million, twice harga dia masa Liverpool beli dia dari Atletico Madrid

noel_tjep said...

heioo.. welcome los galacticos season 2.. viva madrid.. no more red heaten till" die!

nadra asjoedjir said...

^ ente inul? hahaha

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