Monday, June 30, 2008

schweinsteiger oh gantengnya dirimu .

fiuhh . dah lama bett gag nge post nii . hehe :D
gw baru balik dari jakartaa . hehe .
cerita dari jakarta? banyak bangett pusing dah gw . huhu .
well semingguan ini gw dikagetkan oleh : dua jagoan gw di euro 2008 , belanda dan portugal kalah di perempat final . hiksss :(
bt bangett ngett ngett :((((
trus satu lagi gw tiba tiba jadi naksir berat sama sosok ganteng nan seksi . siapakah dia? yaa cowo beruntung itu adalah BASTIAN SCHWEINSTEIGER . pemaen jerman dan bayern muenchen . di jerman pake no 7, di muenchen pake no 31. gilaaaaaaaaaa . ganteng abis tuh orang . maen nya hebat lagii . dan tau gag sii apa yang bikin gw terkesan sama dia pertama kali? KARTU MERAH nya pas jerman vs kroasia . hahaha .
sejak itu gw kebayang bayang mulu ama dia! seriously, gw belum pernah se nge fans ini sama pemain bola non MU dan non belanda! trus pas pertandingan comeback dia setelah larangan main gara gara kartu merah, dia nyetak gol pembuka jerman ke gawang portugal yang waktu itu jadi jagoan gw! luarr biasa!
akhirnya gw berangan angan 'kapan yaa si ganteng itu dibeli MU?'
apalagi saat saat ini MU lagi nyari replacement buat gantiin CR7 kalo kalo dia emang jadi dijual ke madrid . hehe . klo emang iya, berarti si ganteng bakal dapet no 7 dan jadi BS7 dong! hehehe .
dan angan angan itu semakin menjadi jadi setelah gw baca artikel artikel ini :


Manchester United have put Germany's Euro 2008 winger Bastian Schweinsteiger at the top of their hit-list to replace Cristiano Ronaldo.

Sir Alex Ferguson is ready to pounce for the Bayern Munich star if Real Madrid win the titanic tussle for Portuguese ace Ronaldo - and a £12million offer is in the pipeline.

Schweinsteiger, 24, has the kind of experience and top-class pedigree that United will need if they lose Ronaldo to his "dream club," and contact has already been made at the highest level.

The powerful German is in the last year of his contract with Bayern and looks sure to quit despite the pleas of new coach Jurgen Klinsmann.

Schweinsteiger, who was also on Chelsea's radar under Avram Grant's management and is still interesting the Londoners, would be able to move relatively cheaply.

If he lets his contract run down he could go for nothing next summer.

The fiery right-winger, sent off in his first game at the Euros but set to start against Spain tonight, is also refusing to sign anything while the United option is alive.

Sources in Schweinsteiger's camp say there has been contact with United, who will set the wheels in motion if Ronaldo waves goodbye to Old Trafford.

The German fancies a move to either England or Spain. German pal Michael Ballack has told him all about the Premier League - and how he can double his £35,000-a-week wages.

"England does have a good appeal," said Schweinsteiger. "It is now one of the world's best leagues and I have heard all about it from Michael, Jens Lehmann and Thomas Hitzlsperger who have all played there.

"I have always wanted to play in England so we will see if it happens this year."

Fergie has looked far and wide for potential replacements for Ronaldo, checking out Lionel Messi at Barcelona and also weighing up a move for Wigan's Luis Antonio Valencia.

But Schweinsteiger ticks most boxes and things could start moving quickly once Ronaldo comes back from holiday to face the music with Ferguson.

United fear he will go but they will not make it easy.

Real Madrid are talking in terms of a £63.7million bid - a figure based on their theory that he has a sell-on clause of around 80million euros.

Real have dangled the possibility of adding a Bernabeu star to the mix in a player-plus-cash deal but United are not remotely interested in that option.

the people


bastian schweinsteiger, si ganteng yang katanya diburu MU dan calon kuat pengganti CR7

Manchester United target Bastian Schweinsteiger as Ronaldo replacement

Despite putting on a brave face in their high-stakes battle to keep Cristiano Ronaldo at Old Trafford, Manchester United are making a contingency plan in the burly form of Germany and Bayern Munich winger Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Sir Alex Ferguson is preparing a £12 million bid for the German in the event that Ronaldo leaves the club to join Real Madrid, according to Sunday newspaper reports.

Manchester United target Bastian Schweinsteiger as Ronaldo replacement
Target man: United are interested in signing Bastian Schweinsteiger

News of Manchester United's interest will disappoint Chelsea with the West London club also preparing a bid for the 23-year-old who is in the last year of his contract with Bayern and has attracted considerable attention from Premier League clubs after stating his interest in moving to England.

"England does have a good appeal, as it is one of the world’s best leagues and I have heard all about it from Michael (Ballack), Jens Lehmann and Thomas Hitzlsperger who have all played there," Schweinsteiger said. "I’ve always wanted to play there and we’ll see if it happens this year."

The tempermental midfielder, sent off in Germany's first game at the European Championships against Poland but likely to start against Spain in the final, will discuss his club future in the coming days.

Schweinsteiger has apparently already discussed the situation with Bayern’s new manager Jurgen Klinsmann, the former Germany coach and Spurs forward.

"I may stay with Bayern but the coach has promised to be supportive of whatever decision I make," Schweinsteiger said.

semoga semua itu terjadi! hehehe . i love you schweinsteiger * yeah, you! not germany! hahaha *

go BS7! btw nama lo susah aja!

ehh iya barusan gw baru selese nonton final euro 2008 . yang menang spanyol . si ballack dapet gelar runner-up KELIMA nya buat musim ini! poor u, germany captain, hahaha .
trus gw dapet kabar klo euro 2012 bakal diadain di dua negara (lagi!), di polandia dan ukraina . tapi sebelumnya ada piala dunia 2010 di afrika selatan . kali ini, belanda, argentina, dan inggris akan beraksee! yeahs! zien jij daar! hehe . c u there maksudnye . bahasa belanda maksa!


nadsim said...

issit true bout the rumour? aww.. probably no more cr7 then its gona b BS7. haizz

nadra loves MU said...

dunno but i hope so. love him, really! hahaha .

anak gawang said...

mudah mudahan CR7 resmi k Real Madrid..

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